About Our Business
Desserts now available for retail pickup at Viva el Cafe in Old Town!

The Amore Cheesecake Company was founded in 1990, as a result of the tremendous popularity
of a family cheesecake recipe. While a University of San Diego student, Peter Dapper had been
making cakes for friends, relatives and parties.  The compliments and rave reviews motivated Peter
to consider the possibility of a cheesecake company.  Thus, with the support of his mother, Ethel
Stuver and a family friend, the Amore Cheesecake Company was established.

Amore’s initial selection of six flavors has expanded to over 53 varieties and 24 other desserts,
including unique Amore originals.  Only the finest ingredients are used, including:  California farm
fresh eggs, C&H pure cane sugar and real cream cheese.  Additionally, each Amore Cheesecake is
made by hand in the San Diego area, so that consistency and freshness are preserved.

The personal touch is evident in each Amore cake, as well as the exceptional service. Clients
throughout San Diego County appreciate the individual attention, and flexibility of service.

Amore Cheesecakes come in ten-inch rounds, and are pre-sliced for the client’s convenience.  
Other size options are also available.  Amore Cheesecakes can either be stored in the freezer or

Whether you have a “Passion for Dessert”, or simply want to offer your customers the ultimate in
high quality desserts, remember Amore.  The loving care is always apparent in each of our
handmade creations.
Amore Cheesecakes
"When you have a Passion for Dessert".